Traffic Lights in Vientiane Improperly Installed

Vientiane Traffic Lights Improperly Installed

Vientiane Authorities have admitted that traffic lights at some locations in Vientiane Capital have been improperly installed and are not yet fully operational.

According to Deputy Head of the Vientiane Capital Department of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Sivone Subthavy, newer traffic lights have been improperly installed, while some sets of traffic lights in Vientiane Capital have been in use for decades and now require an upgrade.

“Traffic lights in villages such as Dongkhamxang and Khamsavath, in Saysettha District have been incorrectly installed by the contractor, and cannot be used,” said Mr. Sivone Subthavy in an interview with Vientiane Mai.

The issue of incorrectly installed traffic lights will be resolved when the contractor returns from abroad. Mr. Sivone Subthavy said the contractor is currently experiencing travel difficulties due to the spread of Covid-19.

Another traffic black spot in Vientiane Capital is the intersection connecting Dongpaina Road with the That Luang Special Economic Zone, which currently has a set of traffic lights installed but not turned on, leaving motorists guessing as to when it is safe to go.

“The traffic light at Phonthan junction, Saysettha District, has now become an issue. This area was previously a three-way intersection but has now become a four-way intersection, and so we have asked that the Special Economic Zone kindly install a set of lights for us,” said Mr. Sivone.

Meanwhile, the traffic lights at Savang Village, near the Russian Circus, have been incorrectly installed and are able to display only flashing amber lights.

Vientiane Capital has 61 sets of traffic lights, including 38 sets that have been in use for nearly 30 years. A newer group of 23 sets of lights make use of solar power.