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G-Chat Government Messaging App Launched in Laos

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A specialized messaging application, G-chat, for use by the government of Laos was officially launched in July and is now in use.

The government messaging application, G-Chat, was developed by the Ministry of Post (MPT) and Telecommunications in cooperation with ALO Technology Laos and is now in use within the government sector.

According to a report from the E-Government Center, the G-Chat app is a comprehensive communication and collaboration application designed specifically for the Lao government to communicate securely.

The app allows for different ministries and departments to send chat messages to one another and to send files and documents via its secure channel.

The app also includes voice and video calls via a mobile phone’s internet connection, while it can seamlessly sync with a computer.

Authorities spent six months developing the application which was launched in July this year.

The servers for the application are hosted in a Lao government data center that provides quick access, storing sensitive data securely in the country.

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