Thailand Cracks Down on Online Vendor Pricing

Online vendors face fines for obscuring pricing in Thailand

Thailand has declared fines of up to THB 10,000 for online vendors who refuse to display prices of products available online.

According to a report by Bangkok Post, the Royal Thai Gazette published an announcement on 22 September declaring that prices must be properly displayed by online sellers.

Much of Thailand’s online sales occur via social media platforms, with a culture of obscuring pricing prevails. Online vendors frequently ask interested parties to send their requests by inbox to find out the price for goods and services.

Thailand’s Central Committee on Goods and Service Prices said that vendors must display prices so that customers can be better informed before deciding whether to engage in a transaction.

E-commerce vendors who fail to properly display pricing and other relevant details will face fines of up to THB 10,000.

Consumers who inform the Department of Internal Trade of online vendors in violation of the new regulations are to receive 25 percent of the fine, provided they can provide evidence including screenshots of chat messages, prices revealed in private messages, and vendor bank details.

The new regulation is now in force across Thailand and includes a clause requiring vendors to provide a full description of goods or services for sale prior to any transaction.

Consumers sourcing goods and services from Thailand via online channels will also be protected by the law which forces vendors to remain transparent regarding their pricing.

E-commerce in Thailand is governed by the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) and the Direct Sale and Direct Marketing Act (DSDMA), both of which were enacted in 2002.