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Government Inspection Authority Reveals Unauthorized Land Concessions

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Authorities in Laos have discovered concessions granted on state land in four provinces without evidence of formal agreements.

Chairman of the Government Inspection Authority, Mr. Bounthong Chitmany, revealed his findings at the National Assembly’s tenth ordinary session of its eighth legislature, now being held in Vientiane.

According to a report by Mr. Bounthong Chitmany, the inspection authority found state land had been leased on behalf of the government in Phongsaly, Luang Prabang, Sekong, and Attapeu provinces without any documented agreement.

Of 112 projects operating in Phongsaly Province, covering a total area of 12,660 hectares, 13 projects were uncovered that had duplicate names.

Of 24 projects operating in Luang Prabang Province, covering a total area of 21,035 hectares, only 23 projects were officially registered.

Authorities also discovered three projects in Sekong operating without an official concession over an area of 207 hectares, including a five-star hotel development, an agricultural development, and a timber plantation that had failed to pay its agreed deposit.

A further 11 projects without proper concessions were found in Attapeu Province covering 17,92 hectares, said Mr. Bounthong.

Lao authorities have worked on inspection to completed and conducted as law and regulation of Laos.

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