Starbucks Officially Announces Entry into Laos

Starbucks Announces Official Entry into Laos

Starbucks has announced that it plans to open outlets in Laos as it expands its network of over 10,000 stores in Asian countries.

The Seattle-based coffeehouse has said it is to open its first store in Vientiane Capital in 2021, which would make it the 17th Asian market in which the coffee chain operates.

According to its website, Starbucks has over 10,000 stores in Asia.

“We’re excited to bring the Starbucks Experience to Laos, which has a rich history of coffee production and thriving coffee culture,” said Michael Conway, executive vice president of Starbucks International Licensed Stores.

Coffee Concepts (Laos) Ltd., part of Maxim’s Caterers Ltd., will operate Starbucks stores in Laos under a licensing agreement.

According to Starbucks, the new licensing agreement leverages Maxim’s industry expertise and deep understanding of the Starbucks brand, mission and values to deliver the unparalleled Starbucks Experience to customers in Laos.

Under Coffee Concepts, Starbucks operates more than 800 stores across Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.

The company said that it intends to take a “locally relevant approach” for its customers, both tourists and Laotians.

The move comes amid increasing interest in the Laos market by international franchise operators.

7-Eleven announced its plans to enter Laos in August, signing a master franchise agreement with CP ALL Laos, a subsidiary of Thailand’s CP ALL Public Company, to operate 7-Eleven stores within Laos.