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Loud Music Remains A Major Social Problem Despite New Regulations

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Many entertainment venues in Vientiane Capital continue to play loud music despite new regulations governing noise pollution.

The legal framework for suppression of noise pollution is an important tool in the mitigation of noise pollution, which leads to social problems and remains a source of disruption for residents, particularly at night.

One man took to social media recently, complaining that a restaurant located near Saysettha Hospital, in Donkoi Village, Vientiane Capital, played loud music late at night, causing a disturbance for those in medical care.

“I have asked the personnel at the hospital if this situation could be dealt with, however they would not commit to making any complaints,” he said.

“This is a hospital full of patients who require rest. Why do authorities still allow this to happen?” he added.

A foreign resident renting a home in Haisok Village, in Chanthabouly District, told the Laotian Times that a restaurant near his home continues to play very loud music every night.

“I was very pleased when I heard that Vientiane authorities had issued legislation banning loud music, and expected that people would respect the law. However, even though I informed the chief of the village, the restaurant near my house continues to play noisy music every single night. Nothing has changed,” he said.

The Decision on Noise Pollution Control in Vientiane Capital, issued by the Mayor of Vientiane Capital on 1 September, governs appropriate levels of noise caused by entertainment venues, festivals and events, fireworks, vehicles, construction work, machinery, and domestic dogs.

Under the Decision, entertainment venues, both indoor or outdoor, must ensure noise remains under 80 decibels (dB) and must close by 23:30 at night.

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