Laos Extends Deadline for SIM Card Registration

Ministry Orders Registration of All Phone Numbers in Laos

Authorities have extended the deadline for SIM Card registration to June 2021 to ensure all mobile phone subscribers can register.

According to a notice issued by the Lao Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Laos has extended the deadline for registration of sim cards across the country until mid-2021.

The process will be completed in three phases in accordance with an announcement made in June this year.

From 1 January to 31 May 2021, all existing phone numbers must be properly registered.

From 01 June to 31 June 2021, any phone numbers that fail to properly register will be able to receive calls but will not be able to make calls. Data sims will no longer be able to connect to the internet.

From 1 July 2021 onward, any phone numbers that are not properly registered will be disconnected and permanently removed from the telephone network within 30 days.

Authorities originally planned to begin disconnecting all unregistered sim cards this month in line with an announcement made in July this year.

The registration deadline extension comes as many Lao people in remote areas experience difficulty registering their SIM cards.