Man Arrested for Armed Robbery in Vientiane Capital

Man Arrested for Armed Robbery in Vientiane

Authorities have arrested a man following the armed robbery of an exchange booth and grocery store in Vientiane Capital on Friday.

The incidents were captured on CCTV, depicting a man dressed in black carrying a firearm as he attempted to rob a currency exchange booth.

The suspect then moved to a nearby grocery store, which he held up at gunpoint and was handed some cash, according to the video released on Friday.

Police later arrested the suspect in Phonekheng Village, Saysettha District, Vientiane Capital, according to a report on a popular social media page, Tholakhong.

The 23-year-old suspect, identified as Mr. Silasone Akong Khamsouksavath, from Xayaboury Province, had recently been released from prison after being sentenced for robbery.

The man admitted to serious gambling addiction.

The gunman had robbed over ten internet cafes in Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital in previous years before his initial arrest last year.