NUOL Launches Plastic Waste Management Training Centre

NUOL Launches Plastic Waste Management Training Centre

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences, National University of Laos (NUOL), has launched a Plastic Waste Management Training Center, as it prepares to introduce a new course on plastic waste management.

According to a report by Lao Youth Radio, the Plastic Waste Management Training Center, also known as SEA Plastic Edu Training Hub, will be set up at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, NUOL.

NUOL Vice Dean, Associate Prof. Dr. Somchanh Bounphanmy, says the volume of plastic waste has increased rapidly due to rising daily consumption, causing further waste management issues.

“NUOL has cooperated with three universities in Europe, namely Austria, Germany, and Denmark, and universities from Vietnam, as well as some private companies from Laos and Vietnam, to work on the SEAPlastic-Edu” ERASMUS+ Project to combat the issue of plastic waste,” said Associate Prof. Dr. Somchanh.

SEA-Plastic-EDU Erasmus+

The project has completed 17 lessons in plastic waste management that can be provided for universities throughout country, she says.

“We also created six training courses, and opened our training centre on plastic waste management at NUOL, as well as at the Hanoi University of Sciences and Industry, University of Ho Chi Minh City,” Associate Prof. Dr Somchanh added.

Waste is a problem for more than just the town of Vientiane Capital. Other suburbs are afflicted by the same problem.

Vientiane itself, home to more than 900,000 people, produces more than 600 tons of waste daily.