Smokey Eyes Become Lao Fashion Faux Pas

Smokey Eyes become fashion faux pas in Laos

Social media users have begun creating memes in a backlash against promotional material for the upcoming Miss World Laos beauty pageant featuring a model with dark undereye circles.

A Facebook post by Z Fashion TV calling on applicants to enter the Miss World Laos 2021 beauty pageant has come under fire by social media users for featuring 2019 winner Nelamith Xayphannha with very dark undereye circles.

Comments on the post featured everything from beauty treatments for puffy eyes to adverts for sleeping pills, as users complained that the model simply looked exhausted.

One photoshop-savvy user added a coconut to the model’s image, indicating she may be tired from drinking too much coconut water, which became a meme in its own right last week following claims the juice is an aphrodisiac.

Other users offered their photoshop skills to “fix” the image, removing the dark under eyes and giving the model a brighter appearance.

The dark under-eye beauty trend appears to have originated on TikTok, encouraging and embracing imperfections.

According to US beauty website, L’officiel, the latest TikTok-driven beauty trend actually involves emphasizing under-eye circles rather than hiding them.

If before people were doing everything to hide their imperfections, the new wave is to intensify them—or even to create them where they don’t exist. The beauty community on TikTok started adopting the sleep-deprived look at the beginning of the new year, using darker-toned concealer and eyeshadow sticks to create dark under-eyes.

If this is the case, the trend may not be so well-received in Laos!