SUN Logistics launches new RACSF warehouse


Offering a Turnkey & Customizable Logistic Solution


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 11 March 2021 – SUN Logistics announced today the launch of a new Regulated Air Cargo Security Facility (RACSF), alongside an expansion of their service offering with new warehouse services, accentuating the company’s mission to embrace innovative and forward-looking technologies, while continuing to provide turnkey solutions tailored toward clients’ specific needs.

“The launch of this new RACSF allows us to continually evolve and optimize our total logistics services while introducing new technologies and processes to our clients with expert-guaranteed success”, said Mr Kenneth Ko, Chief Executive Officer of SUN Logistics. “We are very excited to implement our new warehouse services in order to meet the growing demand for professional air freight logistic solutions.”

With the full implementation of ICAO’s new policy direction on 1 Mar 2021, all cargo, except for validated know consignors, are subject to 100% security screening prior to being loaded on a commercial aircraft. Foreseeing a growing demand for the warehouse and security screening services, SUN Logistics is confident the launch of the new RACSF, which is designed to suit market demands and one of the largest built, will allow the company to satisfy an even wider range of clients. The warehouse is located as an annex of the Airport Freight Forwarding Centre. With this new strategic location, SUN Logistics’ warehouse services will encompass end to end professional air freight logistics solutions, as well as stringent security and safety measures for all managed cargo.

About SUN Logistics:

SUN Logistics, a subsidiary of the Sun Hing Group, is the leading expertise total logistics solutions provider across the Greater China and Greater Bay Area. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company offers professional and innovative turnkey solutions for any and all supply-chain demands. SUN Logistics is committed to pioneering, expanding, and optimizing their total logistics services, with operational expertise at the core of its service offering.