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Xayaboury Province Holds First Livestock Trade Fair

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A livestock trade fair was held in Kenthao District, Xayaboury Province to encourage sustainable livestock marketing.

According to a report by Lao Youth Radio, the livestock trade fair was held on Wednesday in Kenthao District, with hundreds of livestock on show at the fair.

Head of the Kenthao Office of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Bounhom Phothilak, says the fair was aimed at enabling livestock vendors to reach customers more easily.

He said the idea was to promote stability in the cattle market and ensure cattle farming is in line with the latest scientific developments in order to produce large volumes at high quality according to the standards and demands of the market.

“Locals are encouraged to feed their cattle well and satisfy customers at a reasonable price,”  Mr. Bounhom Phothilak added.

Several different types of livestock, such as poultry, cattle, pigs, and other animals were available for show and trade at the fair.

He said that the cattle trade fair not only facilitated vendors and buyers in doing business, but it also served to curb illegal cattle sales.

“We will be accessible for the cattle market in a central location, as well as promoting modern livestock husbandry, guaranteeing both quantity and quality in line with market demand,” said Mr. Bounhom Phothilak.

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