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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Vientiane Authorities Issue Extended Guidelines for Covid-19 Prevention and Control

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Authorities in Vientiane Capital have issued detailed guidelines for Covid-19 measures during the lockdown.

The new guidelines for the implementation of intensified measures were issued by the Mayor of Vientiane Capital yesterday.

Under the guidelines, residents of Vientiane Capital must strictly comply with the Prime Minister’s orders on measures for Covid-19 prevention and control.

Police, as well as the military, are to coordinate with local authorities along the Mekong River and all major roads to monitor and prevent those illegally entering Laos from Thailand.

Travel from Vientiane Capital to other provinces is prohibited, and the capital’s bus stations are temporarily closed.

Four testing sites in Vientiane Capital have been established, including the Beungkhayong Indoor Sports Center in Sisattanak District, the Chao Anouvong Stadium in Chanthabouly District, the Ho Chi Minh Highschool in Sikhottabong, and the Lao-Viet Highschool in Chanthabouly.

Authorities must work to increase surveillance of those who stockpile or raise consumer product prices, as well as support production to ensure a sufficient food supply.

The department of information, culture, and tourism, in collaboration with the department of technology and communications, will coordinate with local police to spread awareness of accurate information and suppress fake news.

Entertainment venues, bars, karaoke venues, massage parlors, and internet cafes in the capital are also to be monitored to ensure they are closed and in compliance with orders.

The department of education and sports is to ensure that all schools, colleges, and sporting venues remain closed.

The department of public works and transport is to coordinate with the department of health to close expressways, and strictly check drivers of commercial trucks to ensure they have Covid insurance and a wearing a tracking device.

The department of agriculture and forestry is to support production to ensure stable food supply.

Districts and village authorities must strictly enforce stay-at-home orders among residents, and continue to ground and lock all river vessels. Checkpoints are to be set up by village and district authorities, while residents who must travel outside their village must request a travel pass from their village head.

An authorization letter is not required for residents who will travel for temporary essential tasks such as purchasing groceries, visiting a hospital, or those who present a letter from their workplace requesting their presence at work (essential workers).

The Vientiane Captial Taskforce must identify and set up appropriate quarantine centers and test for covid as appropriate. It will consider requests by those who wish to enter or exit Vientiane Capital.

The National Front for National Construction is to continue educating residents about the dangers of Covid-19.

Gatherings, especially cultural and religious ones, may not exceed more than 20 people, while ceremonies such as funerals must be held with extreme care and in line with measures previously announced by the Taskforce.

The Vientiane Capital authorities urge all organizations and residents to collectively and strictly abide by the Order’s stipulations.

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