Transport your tastebuds to Japan with unforgettable flavours of 7-Eleven’s all-new and exclusive Ready-to-Eat selections


Choose from a wide range of over fifteen brand-new items that use seasonal ingredients directly sourced from Japan, including onigiri, donburi rice bowls, exclusive crossover desserts with PABLO and more!


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 28 April 2021 – 7-Eleven is rolling out a long list of exciting ready-to-eat additions to take you on a culinary journey to one of the most popular foodie holiday destinations – yes, you guessed it, Japan! Whether you are looking for a light bite, a hearty meal, a hot drink or a sweet treat, we got you covered. Get ready to experience the flavours of Japan with our wide range of quality and convenient snacks and meals!

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Japanese-inspired light bites for those on the go

Looking for a typical Japanese breakfast or speedy snack? Then a 7-SELECT Onigiri (Usual Price $2.20 each, Promo Price: Any 3 for $6) will hit the spot. 7-Eleven has created three new rice ball varieties that are packed with flavour.

7-SELECT Sakura Ebi Onigiri: Enjoy the taste of spring in Japan in a rice ball! Sakura-flavoured rice is mixed with dried shrimp and edamame and topped with succulent prawn tempura. It tastes just as good as it looks!

7-SELECT Soba Meshi Onigiri: If you are a noodle fan, then you will love this bite-sized treat that boasts the perfect mix of yakisoba and Japanese-style fried rice with tasty roasted teriyaki chicken chunks at its centre.

7-SELECT Smoked Duck Shiso Onigiri: Slices of premium smoked duck glazed with a slightly sweet yet savoury yuzu and plum sauce are placed on top of fragrant shiso rice. Experience this unique combination of flavours and textures.

7-Eleven is also launching 7-SELECT Oden (Usual Price $2.80) – a classic staple that can be found in every convenience store in Japan. Fishcakes, daikon slices and konnyaku are simmered in a light soy-flavoured dashi broth and make for a quick light meal or a healthier option to satisfy late-night munchies.

7-SELECT Asari Clam Soup (Usual Price $2.50) is the ideal side dish or starter. This broth is loaded with umami flavours – juicy Asari clams, shimeji mushrooms and silken tofu combined in a miso soup base.

In addition, we have also created two new sandwich options for a convenient light lunch on the go. Try the 7-SELECT Chicken Katsu Burger (Promo Price $3.30, Usual Price $3.60) or the delicious 7-SELECT Taro Pocket Sandwich (Usual Price $2.30).

Hearty meals that are full of flavour and super convenient

Rice bowls are the quintessential Japanese comfort meal and 7-SELECT are launching three donburi dishes with a selection of tempting toppings:

7-SELECT Oyakodon (Usual Price $4.50): Oyakodon is a traditional Japanese dish that contains chicken and egg simmered in a moreish dashi-based sauce and pan-fried onions served over a bowl of fluffy steamed rice.

7-SELECT Saba Shioyaki Don (Usual Price $4.80): If you prefer seafood, then this delicious dish will not disappoint. This one-bowl meal features grilled boneless saba fillet imported from Japan, gobo or Japanese burdock root salad, sweet yet savoury tamagoyaki omelette, and is topped off with shibazuke, a deliciously salty and slightly sour cucumber and eggplant pickle.

7-SELECT Beef Sukiyaki Don (Usual Price $4.80): Last but not least, this crowd-pleasing combo is the ultimate comfort in a bowl – rice and noodles come together in a light broth topped off with succulent thinly sliced beef, Chinese cabbage and fragrant shiitake mushroom.

If you’re a noodle lover, do not miss the 7-SELECT Omusoba (Usual Price $4.20). This all-time favourite Japanese dish consists of seasoned fried egg noodles, sliced chicken roll and vegetables wrapped up in a light and fluffy omelette.

What’s more, if you buy any of the above 7-SELECT rice bowls or Omusoba, you can enjoy $0.50 off 7-SELECT Asari Clam Soup or 7-SELECT Oden from 14 April – 11 May 2021!

Exclusive crossover desserts with PABLO and 7-Eleven’s matcha-flavoured delights!

If you have a sweet tooth and yearn for scrumptious Japanese desserts, then the next items on the menu are specially for you. 7-Eleven has collaborated with PABLO, a renowned cheese tart bakery from Osaka, to launch two exclusive limited-edition crossover items brought in directly from Japan.

The 7-SELECT x PABLO Apricot Jelly and Cheese Cream Puff (Usual Price $3.30) is a custardy treat filled with PABLO’s signature cream cheese and a sweet and slightly tart apricot jelly – a sensational combination of flavours! Alternatively, try the 7-SELECT x PABLO Cheese Swiss Roll Cake (Usual Price $3.30) – a swirl of slightly savoury cream cheese runs through this buttery, featherlight swiss roll cake that is made with 100% Japanese flour.

Matcha, undoubtedly an iconic flavour of Japan, will be making an appearance at 7-Eleven stores in not one, but two exclusive items this month! Treat yourself to a smooth and creamy cup of Mr Softee Matcha (Usual Price $1.50), a brand-new flavour of your favourite soft serve. Plus, we are also launching the 7Café Matcha Latte – available hot or iced! Made from handpicked young green tea leaves, this milky and frothy drink will take you back to Japan in an instant.

To mark the launch of this new range, 7-Eleven is running an array of exciting discount and combo offers:




Promo Period

Launch Date

7-SELECT Saba Shioyaki Don


Buy Saba Shioyaki Don/ Oyakodon/ Beef Sukiyaki Don/Omusoba and get $0.50 off Asari Clam Soup/Oden

14 Apr – 11 May 2021

14 Apr 2021

7-SELECT Oyakodon


7-SELECT Asari Clam Soup




7-SELECT Sakura Ebi Onigiri


Any 3 for $6

7-SELECT Smoked Duck Shiso Onigiri

7-SELECT Soba Meshi Onigiri

7-SELECT Omusoba


Buy Saba Shioyaki Don/ Oyakodon/ Beef Sukiyaki Don/Omusoba and get $0.50 off Asari Clam Soup/Oden

21 Apr 2021

7-SELECT Beef Sukiyaki Don


7-SELECT Chicken Katsu Burger



14 Apr 2021

7-SELECT Taro Pocket Sandwich


$3 Combo Deal with 7Café Hot Americano, excluding Mondays (Usual Price $3.80)

7Café Matcha Latte (Hot/Iced)

$2.40 (Hot)

$3.00 (Iced)

$2 (Hot)

$2.50 (Iced)

14 Apr – 30 Apr 2021

Mr Softee Matcha


26 Apr 2021

7-SELECT x PABLO Apricot Jelly & Cheese Cream Puff


Any 2 for $6

19 Apr – 11 May

19 Apr 2021

7-SELECT x PABLO Apricot Jelly & Cheese Cream Roll Cake

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