Laos Confirms 69 New Cases of Covid-19 and First Death

Covid-19 update

Laos has confirmed 69 new cases of Covid-19 today and announced its first death as a result of the coronavirus.

The National Taskforce, led by Dr. Latsamy Vongkhamxay, said during its daily announcement today that following 6,827 tests (1,422 in Vientiane Capital and 4,770 in Bokeo), the country had confirmed 69 new cases of Covid-19 and one death.

The new cases bring the total number of cases to 1,302, with 1,069 active cases nationwide.

The new cases included 46 new cases in Bokeo Province, 16 in Vientiane Capital, four in Savannakhet, and three in Champasack.

Dr.¬†Bouathep Phoumindr spoke during the announcement regarding the country’s first death.

She said that the new strains of the virus are particularly dangerous for elderly people or those with underlying conditions, with a faster emergence of symptoms that can lead to death.

The first death attributed to Covid-19 recorded in Laos was a 53-year-old Vietnamese national, connected to a karaoke bar in Naxay Village, Vientiane Capital which operated illegally during the lockdown.

The woman was admitted to hospital with minor symptoms, however, she quickly worsened, exhibiting severe symptoms after four days.

The woman died in hospital at approximately 1 am this morning.

Dr. Bouathep said that this death should be viewed as a lesson to those who continue to treat the virus lightly, urging everyone to follow the advice provided by the Ministry of Health and other authorities.

Mr. Savankhone Razmountry, Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism also spoke during the announcement, warning against following fake news and advising listeners to continue following the daily announcements by the National Taskforce and the Ministry of Health.