Bokeo Residents Fail to Comply with Lockdown Measures

Residents of Bokeo fail to comply with lockdown measures
A police barricade at the entrance to Ton Pheung District.

According to district authorities, residents of Ton Pheung district, Bokeo Province, are failing to comply with lockdown measures.

Villagers in Ton Pheung district have been found disobeying lockdown orders by illegally entering and exiting the town without permission, Lao Phatthana reports.

Authorities have issued lockdown measures across multiple provinces in Laos, including Bokeo, which has seen a surge in cases of Covid-19.

The lockdown in Ton Phueng district commenced in April and will remain in effect until 20 May.

Police, military, and village authorities have been monitoring district and provincial borders, placing barricades along the town’s main road.

However, authorities say residents continue to travel in and out of the district illegally through rice fields, forests, and small roads.

There are also reports that some villagers have removed barricades to exit and enter more easily by car, and to pick up foreigners who wish to enter the town.

Ton Pheung District is the site of the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, which houses the King’s Romans Casino, attracting patrons from neighboring countries.

Authorities in Ton Phueng District have warned residents to recognize and follow the lockdown measures in place to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19.

Laos confirmed its first death from Covid-19 yesterday after a 53-year-old Vietnamese national died in hospital in Vientiane Capital.