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Leading.vn maximizes the efficiency and revenue from Digital Marketing in 2021

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HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – 10 May 2021 – Leading.vn is a young Digital Marketing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, achieving many awards such as: Best In Search evaluated by Topseos in 2020, #1 Vietnamese SEO Agency voted by the website Clutch.co in 2021, providing online marketing services for small and medium enterprises.

Thien Ho, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leading.vn Digital

After researching for a long time, Leading.vn has offered a unique, innovative data-based marking strategy in the Covid-19 pandemic for small and medium enterprises. The digital specialist team has advised and successfully implemented a number of campaigns in 2021.

From then, this helps customers to grow the revenues at the average of 300% within less than 1 year with respective profit. Some brands such as Gobear (Insurance advisory platform), Topdev (IT personnel recruitment), Foot.vn (Shoe review platform), Nhiet.vn (Product assessment platform), etc. have strongly thriven in the pandemic, creating a breakthrough in business.

From 2020 to present, the pandemic has gone on motivating rapidly the transform from traditional to digital marketing and it will certainly affect the digital marketing in the long term.

A recent survey showed that nearly 80% of marketing budget in enterprises in 2020 was for digital channels. Moreover, 74% of CMOs have spent more in digital advertising and 66% have allocated more on PPC advertising in 2021.

Thien Ho, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leading.vn said: “The digital marketing companies are the companions and take many responsibilities together with the enterprises. They not only simply create the high-quality potential customers but also play an important role in business strategy and are responsible in many aspects, from sales growth to strategic brand positioning across all channels.”

5 factors that the company’s research team expects to announce to help the enterprises optimize the campaigns and motivate their growth as well as together overcome the pandemic are as follows:

1.Optimizing the personnel cost

Companies should ensure that all divisions is optimized cost-effectively.

In the context with many fluctuation due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, personnel is always a difficult problem to solve. Balancing personnel stability and highly effectively using human resources will bring great benefits for the enterprises.

2. Increasing SEO budget

The digital search platform, AI algorithms to navigate the enterprises’ customer file are becoming more sophisticated and continuous. SEO is their core to stand firm and gain their market share in most industries. SEO should be performed with a lasting and detailed plan.

Leading.vn provides the free SEO support and advisory to the enterprise, please visit the link https://leading.vn/seo/

3. Improving the value of content

The content is always the most crucial factor and the lasting sustainable development of the enterprises. The good content may provide the valuable information to watchers in order to meeting their demands. The marketing content staff is obligated to remember this.

4. Using the online working tools

The pandemic has enabled us to work everywhere instead of going to workplaces formerly. The team-work, online management tools are essential at this time, helping increase the labor’s performance as well as saving time and management cost.

5. Expanding the business mission

A recent research published on MIT Sloan Management Review found that 80% of the companies have officially announced the business values on their website. Therefore, communicating your company’s mission across all channels is critical to appeal to top talents and drive further business growth.

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