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Laos to Plant Trees on Over 36,000 Hectares of Land This Year

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The government of Laos has set an ambitious goal of planting trees on over 36,000 hectares of land this year for environmental conservation and commercial plantations.

According to a report by Pasaxon Newspaper, the government has set a target of planting trees on 36,950 hectares across the country this year.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Phet Phomphithak, made the statement last week, saying the planting will take place on 1 June on the occasion of Lao National Arbour Day.

“Some 31,000 hectares will be planted for commercial plantations, as well as 5,500 hectares for reforestation,” said Dr. Phet.

“Laos currently has forest cover of 62 percent, which is critical for the country’s socio-economic development,” Dr. Phet added.

Meanwhile, the government of Laos has set a goal of restoring forest cover to over 70 percent by 2025, to ensure long-term environmental protection and reduce the risk of natural disasters, up from 62 percent in the previous five-year plan.

The government has said it will work harder to achieve the goal of restoring forest cover to over 70% by 2025, as well as to develop a sustainable plan for natural resource conservation and usage.

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