Champasack, Savannakhet and Khammouane Provinces Ease Covid-19 Restrictions

Champasack Savannakhet and Khammouane Ease Covid-19 Restrictions (Photo: Phonexay Keovorajack)
Champasack, Savannakhet, and Khammouane ease Covid-19 restrictions (Photo: Phonexay Keovorajack)

Champasack, Savannakhet, and Khammouane provinces have eased certain Covid-19 measures, allowing residents to travel more freely and undertake their jobs.

An order issued by the Governor of Champasack states that checkpoints set up along roadsides in villages are to be removed, while some primary and upper secondary school classes will resume, as well as vocational training centers and universities, Vientiane Times reports.

Restaurants and coffee shops in the province may reopen, however they may provide only takeaway services for their patrons and must close before 8 pm.

The sale of alcohol remains prohibited.

While some outdoor sports centers and golf courses will be allowed to resume operations, entertainment venues, massage parlors, spas, beauty salons, and barbershops are to remain closed.

A travel curfew of 10 pm remains in force for Champasack province, according to the governor’s order.

Meanwhile, Savannakhet is allowing barbershops, beauty salons, markets, and retailers to reopen in line with Covid-19 prevention measures, while shop owners and customers must produce a vaccination certificate before undertaking a transaction, according to a notice published by Savanhphathana Newspaper.

Vaccinated government officials may return to offices, however, they must continue wearing a facemask and ensuring social distancing.

A travel curfew remains in place across Kaysone Phomvihane City from 10 pm.

Khammouane province is now allowing group exercise activities such as walking, badminton, golf, and other sports, according to the Vientiane Times, but participants must be limited to ten persons.