Back to School for Some Students in Ton Pheung District

Back to school for students in Ton Pheung district.

Primary and secondary schools in Ton Pheung district, Bokeo province, reopened certain classes on Monday in areas unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools in the district have recommenced classes for Primary Grade 5, Secondary 4, and Secondary 7, in accordance with a notice issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The notice allows schools to open certain classes in communities unaffected by Covid-19 outbreaks, stating that certain classes have been allowed to resume so that students can prepare for end-of-term examinations, Bokeo Newspaper reports.

Schools that have reopened classes are doing so in full compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures, including expanding the number of classrooms for each class, ensuring social distancing, temperature checks for each student, and use of facemasks and hand gel.

Ton Pheung tested 162 people yesterday and reported 17 new cases of Covid-19.

The majority of cases in the district have been recorded at the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.