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Health Authorities in Laos Prohibit Sale of Covid-19 Test Kits

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The Ministry of Health has prohibited the importation and distribution of Covid-19 rapid test kits.

Health authorities declared yesterday that the importation or sale of coronavirus rapid test kits will be prohibited.

Health authorities stated that several Covid-19 rapid test kits are available on the global market but their ability to accurately detect disease is limited, and are subject to providing incorrect results.

According to the Lao Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization has not yet approved any Covid-19 rapid test kits that are available online.

Inaccurate results could lead to further spread of the disease if infected persons believe they are free of the virus.

Authorities have warned that people who have had close contact with infected persons, people in high-risk groups, or people with suspicious symptoms should be tested at official testing centres.

Laos confirmed 56 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday, bringing the total number of cases to 1,878.

Meanwhile, 696 active cases are under treatment in hospitals around the country, while only two deaths have been recorded in Laos since the start of the pandemic.

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