Authorities Bust Card Game in Violation of Lockdown Measures

Police bust card game during lockdown

Police were called to a residence in Vientiane after complaints of a group of people holding a gathering in violation of lockdown orders.

Authorities responded to calls from concerned citizens citing a group of people who were playing cards during the capital’s lockdown period, according to a report by Lao Phattana Newspaper.

Ten people were found to be illegally holding a gathering at a residence in Xaysomboun Village, Xaythany District, violating the lockdown order issued by the prime minister.

Police were called to the scene on Wednesday, where they spoke with the offenders and issued a warning.

The ten participants have been ordered to self-isolate in their own homes for 14 days.

Residents not only violated the Covid-19 prevention measures issued by the prime minister and the Mayor of Vientiane but also engaged in illegal gambling.

Last month, Vientiane police issued a warning to seven people who had organized a party during the capital’s lockdown period in Nongtha Neua Village, Chanthabouly District.

Under the lockdown guidelines, residents of Vientiane Capital must strictly comply with the Prime Ministerial Order on measures for Covid-19 prevention and control.

Residents in Vientiane Capital can report any violations of the lockdown measures to police via WhatsApp at 020 28899774.