Authorities Discuss Security of Laos-China Railway

Laos-China Railway may be delayed (Photo: Xinhua)

Authorities have discussed the security preparedness of the Laos-China Railway construction project, which is scheduled to be complete by December this year.

According to a report by Lao Security News, authorities have collaborated with the Lao-China Railway Project to construct public security offices along the track.

A meeting on security and other issues along the Laos-China Railway took place in Vientiane yesterday, chaired by Deputy Minister of Public Security, Major General Kongthong Phongvichith.

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Deputy Minister of Public Security, Major General Kongthong Phongvichith

Authorities have begun preparing a personnel strategy as well as a training plan to facilitate the train passing through various security checkpoints.

The Ministry of Public Security will coordinate with the railway company to determine suitable locations for the construction of offices and police guardhouses along the railway.

Railway construction components along the Laos-China Railway have been stolen by thieves on several occasions, leading to concerns about the security of the railway line as well as the safety and integrity of the infrastructure itself once operational.

Authorities have assured the public, however, that the railway will be safe once the construction project is completed.

The Laos-China Railway will run some 414 kilometers, including 198km of tunnels, and will traverse 62km of bridges. It will run from the Boten border gate, connecting Northern Laos to China, down to Vientiane Capital, with an operating speed of 160km per hour.