Authorities Fear Delta Variant Spread in Champasack Province

Delta variant in Soukhouma District of Champasack

Authorities have confirmed three cases of Delta variant Covid-19 in Soukhouma District of Champasack Province amid fears of community spread.

According to a notice issued by the Soukhouma District Governor on Sunday, three new cases of Covid-19 involving the Delta variant were discovered in two villages inside the district.

The notice states that two cases of Delta Coronavirus have been confirmed in Houay Hae Village, with a third case discovered in Soukhouma District’s Nondaeng Neua Village.

Concerned that the Delta strain infections may spread further in the community, authorities are designating Houay Hae Village as a red zone and Nongdaeng Neua as a yellow zone.

The spread of the Delta variant in Champasack began after a patient recovered from treatment at the Phonthong Hospital last week tested positive for Covid-19 after being discharged.

Residents of the Houay Hae red zone are prohibited from traveling in or out of the village, with authorities strictly monitoring access.

Authorities have locked down Champasack Province from today until 20 July following the new community transmitted case of Covid-19, as well as a high number of imported cases.