Firearms Trade Leads to Increased Gun Violence in Vientiane Capital

Firearms trade gun violence Laos

The illegal trade in firearms has led to an increase in violent crime including robbery and murder in Vientiane Capital, according to authorities.

Vientiane Times reports that Head of the Vientiane Capital Office of Public Security, Lieutenant Colonel Soulivanh Latsavong, gave a press conference recently on the subject, saying that gun violence was increasing.

The use of firearms in murder cases is also on the rise, according to police.

Frighteningly, firearms were found to be sold openly across social media platforms, becoming more and more widespread.

Police have dealt with numerous cases of firearm trade in recent years, according to Lieutenant Colonel Soulivanh.

The gun trade has come to the forefront of public discussion recently after police arrested a man following the murder of his wife and her sister in Vientiane Capital last week.

The man killed his wife and her sister after losing custody of his children following a court order.

Gun violence as a result of road rage has also captured public attention in recent years, with numerous incidents reported on social media or captured by CCTV.