Prisons in Vientiane Capital Follow Covid-19 Prevention Measures

Prisons follow Covid-19 prevention measures

Prisons in Vientiane Capital are strictly following Covid-19 prevention and control measures for both employees and detainees, according to Vientiane Security News.

Head of the Nahai – Nano Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Lieutenant Colonel Khamphuey Phimphisan, says authorities have worked diligently to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19 at the detention center.

“Prison personnel consistently monitor the symptoms of inmates and employees daily. Sadly during this time, meeting with their families is not allowed,” said Lieutenant Colonel Khamphuey.

He said that new convicts must undergo a 14-day quarantine in a specific center before being transported to prisons to make sure they are free of Covid-19 infection.

“People who have business related to the Detention Center of Vientiane Capital must follow the rules, which includes wearing a facemask, washing hands with sanitizer or soap, and checking temperature,” said Lieutenant Colonel Khamphuey.

“They must also spray alcohol on items that the inmates’ families have brought them before they are handed over,” he added.

Medical personnel are also routinely sent to the detention center¬†to check on the inmates’ health every day and segregate those with suspicious symptoms for further investigation.

See the video by Lao Security News here.