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Laos to Reopen Schools Across the Country Next Month

This Week

Authorities have scheduled the reopening of schools across the country to commence on 1 September, according to a notice by the Ministry of Education.

According to the notice issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports, schools for general education across the country, including Vientiane Capital, will begin to open from 1 September.

The notice states that general directors, as well as teachers and employees in general education institutions across Laos, are required to receive two doses of vaccine against Covid-19 before opening schools.

During school hours, directors, instructors, and students must wear face masks, wash their hands with soap or sanitizer, and maintain a social distance of at least one meter.

Schools used as state quarantine centers to accommodate Lao laborers from Thailand, as well as schools located in the red zones, will be unable to open in September.

In the fourth week of this month, schools should be ready to provide teaching timetables to their instructors, as well as support student registration for the current academic year.

Authorities have asked parents to cooperate in sending their children to school and to understand and trust the school’s Covid-19 prevention and control measures.

While schools in Vientiane Capital were due to open earlier, the Vientiane Capital Education and Sports Department issued a notice extending the closure of schools last week, amid fears of community spread of Covid-19 in the capital.

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