Laos Confirms 211 New Cases of Covid-19

Covid-19 update Khammouane

Community spread continues in Laos as the nation confirms 211 new cases of Covid-19.

The country conducted 5,385 tests over the last 24 hours, confirming 211 new cases of Covid-19, according to a report by the National Taskforce.

Some 77 community cases of Covid-19 were confirmed, with seven in Vientiane Capital, five in Bokeo, two in Luang Prabang, 30 in Khammouane, seven in Salavanh, 10 in Savannakhet, and 16 in Champasack.

In Vientiane Capital, cases were confirmed in Dondiew and Xay villages, Xaythany District, Xiengda Village in Saysettha District, and Ang Yai Village in Sikhottabong District.

Meanwhile, the country recorded 134 imported cases of Covid-19, with 53 in Savannakhet, 15 in Champasack, 16 in Vientiane Capital, 34 in Salavanh, 10 in Khammouane, and six in Luang Prabang Province.

Total cases in Laos have now reached 16,576 with 4,510 active cases and 16 deaths as a result of Covid-19.