Illegal Logging Operation Discovered at Phou Phanang

Illegal logging at Phou Phanang

Police in Vientiane Capital have arrested six people believed to have undertaken illegal logging in a forest in Sangthong District.

Police officers in cooperation with military personnel undertaking a routine patrol of the area found that timber businesses had illegally felled trees in the forest near Phou Phanang, according to Vientiane Capital Security News.

The illegally sourced timber has been confiscated and an investigation is underway.

Timber sourced from Phou Phanang Protected Area
Timber sourced from Phou Phanang Protected Area (Photo: Vientiane Capital Police)

The Phou Phanang National Conversation Area is a protected national park, with logging illegal under an order issued by the Mayor of Vientiane Capital on 18 August this year.

Popular as a tourist site, Phou Phanang features a viewpoint visited frequently on weekends by climbers and hikers.