Khammouane Goes Into Full Lockdown with Range of New Penalties for Violators

Khammouane goes into full lockdown
Khammouane goes into full lockdown (Photo: Laos Travel)

Khammouane Province has imposed stringent lockdown restrictions with heavy fines against violators as the province tries to control the worsening community spread of Covid-19.

According to a notice issued by the Khammouane Provincial Governor, the province has extended Covid-19 restrictions and prevention measures from 14 to 27 September as community spread worsens.

Strict new measures will see those who fail to wear a facemask fined LAK 50,000, with their vehicle seized until lockdown measures end for a second offense.

The sale of alcohol is prohibited in Khammouane during the lockdown period, with fines ranging from LAK 1 million to 5 million levied against those who stockpile, hoard, or raise the price of products.

Road traffic across Khammouane Province in areas with community spread of Covid-19 is prohibited from 9pm until 5am, with buses traveling through Khammouane facing fines of up to LAK 2 million for collecting or depositing passengers while in the province.

Khammouane Province
Khammouane Province

Certain fresh markets, entertainment venues, spas, karaoke bars, pubs, internet cafes, snooker halls, massage parlors, beauty salons, night markets, food gardens, and tourist sites must be closed across the province.

Exit and entry into Khammouane is now prohibited, while residents of villages designated as red zones are prohibited from leaving their homes.

The harshest penalties will be exacted against entertainment venues, who face fines of up to LAK 5 million and 48-hours imprisonment if they violate lockdown measures, while those engaging in gambling can be fined up to LAK 10 million and placed in jail.

Khammouane Province recorded 58 cases of community spread yesterday, and has designated 45 villages as red zones.