Laos Authorizes Home Recovery for Covid-19 Patients

Laos authorizes home recovery of Covid-19

The Ministry of Health has authorized home recovery for asymptomatic Covid-19 patients or those with mild symptoms in Laos.

According to an announcement issued by the Ministry of Health this morning, the country has now authorized home recovery for patients with mild symptoms who meet certain conditions:

– Patients who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19
– With a blood oxygen level of 95% or above
– A respiration rate lower than 25 breaths per minute
– Experiencing no shortness of breath
– Mild symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, or blocked nose
– Under 60 years of age and without underlying conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, cancer, coronary heart disease, kidney disease and other diseases.
– Not pregnant

According to a handbook published by the Ministry of Health, those recovering from Covid-19 at home must ensure a healthy household member is available to take care of them, however, Covid-19 patients must remain isolated from other family or household members for at least 14 days.

A special hotline, 164, has been set up for home recoveries to seek information or advice from medical personnel.

Those recovering at home should ensure they drink plenty of fluids and eat enough food, according to the handbook, while patients experiencing fever must take appropriate medication, including paracetamol, berberine, and vitamin supplements as necessary.

Meanwhile, the handbook advises that those recovering at home who experience severe symptoms or have difficulty breathing must contact the Covid-19 hotline on 164 or contact emergency services.

Dr. Khamsay Detleuxay, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services and Occupation, said in an announcement today that this new direction for treatment of Covid-19 is aimed at ensuring hospital beds are prioritized for those with severe conditions.

He said that the number of infections in Vientiane Capital and across the country is continuing to trend upwards and that the capacity of hospitals will soon be reached, meaning home recovery is the best option for those with mild symptoms.

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