Laos Imposes Fines of Up to LAK 9 Million for Unauthorized Mapping

Mapping Laos

Unauthorized mapping will attract fines of up to LAK nine million under a new law on surveying and mapping approved by the National Assembly.

Laos has set a maximum fine of LAK nine million for any individual, entity, or organization that conducts unauthorized mapping, uses unauthorized maps, or conducts any activities related to surveys and maps that have not been authorized by relevant authorities.

The new fines for unauthorized mapping were set under the Lao Law on Surveying and Mapping, which was approved by the recent session of the National Assembly in November.

This law includes ten sections, 16 chapters, and 92 articles. Notably, article 90 specifies measures and penalties levied against individuals or organizations that intentionally violate the law.

Those conducting surveying, measuring, or mapping without permission will be fined LAK nine million per offense, while allowing unauthorized persons to use a registered business license for surveying and mapping will see fines of LAK 4,500,000.

Unauthorized import or export of surveying and mapping tools and technical authentication will be subject to a fine of three percent of the value of such tools, while copying and publishing surveys, measurements, and maps without permission will see fines from LAK 400,000  to LAK  two million per offense.

Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Thongchan Manixay, said, “the Ministry of Home Affairs has been working for many years to draft this law as a tool to manage mapping activities in Laos under strict regulations.”

“The management of this field was previously based on a prime ministerial decree on surveying, aerial photography, and mapping. The decree lacked detail and included loopholes for individuals, legal entities, and organizations to conduct surveys or create various types of maps without permission, resulting in inaccurate or inconsistent mapping,” said Minister Thongchan.

The law is now awaiting official promulgation by the President of Laos.


Story by Khonephachanh Syboun.

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