CP Foods Singapore Launches MEAT ZERO, Thailand’s Best Selling Plant-Based Brand With Over 4 Million Packs Sold Since Its Launch


Six products to enjoy under this range, all priced affordably to cater to the masses

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 29 November 2021 – Around the world, the trend of becoming flexitarian — people who consume vegetarian meals once or twice a week — is rising. According to Euromonitor International’s report entitled “Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutritional Survey (fielded January/February 2021)”, 23% of global consumers want to reduce their meat consumption and 16% are aiming for a plant-based diet. This has in turn spurred demand for meatless food options. While there are already meatless options in the market, most of them are pricey. MEAT ZERO‘s plant-based meat range, which comprises four products and two ready-to-eat meals, fills this gap.


“The future looks bright for meatless meals, with the number of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians altogether constituting about 29% of the global population,” says Mr Prasit Boondoungprasert, Chief Executive Officer of CP Foods. “MEAT ZERO’s affordable price point will make this lifestyle more accessible to those who are looking to adopt a sustainable diet. The incredible taste will also convert sceptics.”


It took more than three years to produce the plant-based meat products and 2,000 experiments helmed by hundreds of researchers and teams from CPF Food Research and Development Centre. MEAT ZERO partnered with Fuji Oil from Japan, a world-class plant-based products company, as well as  experts from the U.S and Taiwan to develop Plant-Tec innovation. The innovation makes plant-based ingredients taste just like meat.


Traditionally, low-moisture extrusion is used to texturise protein into meat analogue. For MEAT ZERO future product development, the high-moisture meat analogue process is used to texturise vegetable proteins into a product with a fibrous texture akin to animal meat. The appearances, mouthfeel and texture of the products are similar to those of real meat. They are of equal nutritional value. High-fibre, non-GMO soy — which keeps cholesterol levels in check — as well as pea, wheat and corn, are the key ingredients.

The MEAT ZERO range includes the following items:


Meat Zero Plant-based Nugget (Frozen) – $3.50 (UP$4.50):

When deep- or air-fried to a golden-brown perfection, the nuggets have an airy crisp and a bite that is indistinguishable from the meat version. Pair it with roasted sweet potato fries for a guilt-free western-style meal!

Meat Zero Plant-based Bologna Ham (Chilled) – $3.35 (UP$3.95):

 Make your own charcuterie board with this ham, an assortment of olives, dried fruits and crackers.

Meat Zero Plant-based Chilli Bologna Ham (Chilled) – $3.35 (UP$3.95):

Each slice comes with red and green chilli, which lend a fiery kick in every bite. Layer it atop sourdough toast and vegan scrambled egg for a simple yet satisfying sandwich. 


Meat Zero Plant-Based Patty (Frozen) – $3.50 (UP$4.50):

Build your own katsu burger at home with this offering. The crunchy crumb is infused with the sharp note of garlic and the fragrance of herbs. The cooked patty is high in protein and free of trans fat.

Meat Zero Plant-Based Meat And Basil With Rice (Frozen) – $4.55 (UP$5.50):

Get whisked away to the Land of Smiles with this staple. The meat teases with a spicy note, and the sauce goes impeccably with the accompanying fluffy rice. The offering contains no cholesterol and is a great source of protein.


Meat Zero Plant-Based Spaghetti Bolognese (Frozen) – $4.55 (UP$5.50):

Enjoy this Italian classic in just four minutes of microwaving time. The alternative meat is soused in a lovely and sweet tomato-based sauce.

*Promotion price applies to selected retailers.


CP’s MEAT ZERO will be available at Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Online, RedMart, Amazon, Caltex, SPC and Sinopac Petrol Kiosks.

About CP Foods (CPF)

Being one of Asia’s leading agro-industrial and foods conglomerates, CPF Group strives to maintain its leading position in the industry and successfully compete in the international arena (U.S.A., Europe and Asia). The Company is determined to fulfill its vision of becoming the “Kitchen of the World”, placing significant importance on research and development to improve production quality, safety and efficiency.

CPF’s success story is tied closely to the company’s fully integrated farming and production process. CPF controls every single process from the first step of breeding to the eventual branding and marketing of its food products. It pays close attention to the freshness of ingredients at every stage to ensure customers get the best quality products.

The Company is dedicated to providing food products, which are high in quality, nutritious, hygienic and safe. Its world-class plants meet many international regulations, requirements and certifications including HACCP, GMP, BRC, OSHAS, ISO and Animal Welfare Standard. Every step of the farming and production process is based on the practice of good animal welfare and concern for the environment, by being safe and drug-residual free. CP Foods shrimp farms also practice the green shrimp technology that prohibits the use of antibiotic medicines. Instead, friendly microbes for the growth of healthy shrimp are used.


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