Thai PM Tells Residents to Raise Chickens to Overcome Poverty

Thai PM Prayut in Yala Province.
Thai PM Prayut in Yala Province (Photo: National News Bureau of Thailand).

The Prime Minister of Thailand, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, has advised residents of his country to raise two chickens per family to help them save on the cost of living.

Gen. Prayut spoke during a visit to Thailand’s southernmost province of Yala yesterday, saying that locals should raise two chickens per household for eggs as a way to reduce expenses and live according to the principles of a self-sufficient economy, Thai Newsroom¬†reports.

“We recognize the problem of poverty, and one method for families to save money is to avoid purchasing vegetables or chickens (for eggs),” said Prayut Chan-o-cha.

He said that if every household were to raise two hens for eggs it would help people to reduce household expenditures.

Prime Minister Prayut also said that the problem of household debt and informal debt in Thailand arose from people having low incomes and many children, with families wanting a better life for their children, resulting in them taking out loans.

Gen. Prayut was in Yala Province as part of an official visit to the southern provinces to inspect government projects.