Laos Reports Two Earthquakes in Early Morning

Earthquakes in Xayaboury
Earthquakes in Xayaboury Province.

Laos has reported two earthquakes over the last 24 hours between 4:06 and 4:12 am in Xayaboury Province.

According to the Lao National Earthquake Data Center, the earthquakes occurred in Xayaboury Province but were felt as far away as northern Vientiane.

At 04:02:41 local time, an earthquake struck near Sala Village, Saysathan District, Xayaboury Province. It measured 3.5 on the Richter scale and was approximately 10 kilometers deep.

At 04:06:13 local time, another earthquake struck approximately four kilometers from Houaysalad Village, Saysathan District, Xayaboury Province. The earthquake measured 5.8 on the Richter scale. It was approximately 10 km deep.

Both quakes struck far from populated areas with no damage recorded.

Laos opened its Earthquake Monitoring Data Center in 2019 to improve the country’s ability to withstand earthquake disasters, promote the development of earthquake science and technology in Laos, protect the lives and property of Lao people, and provide a strong guarantee for economic and social development of the country.

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