Man Arrested for Attempting to Courier 70,000 Methamphetamine Pills

Man arrested attempting to courier drugs.
The methamphetamines were hidden inside food packaging.

A Savannakhet man has been arrested for attempting to send 70,000 methamphetamine pills with a courier service.

Some 72,000 methamphetamine pills were packaged in cardboard boxes and sent by an express delivery company from Sepon to Phin district in Savannakhet Province, Security News reports.

The illicit drugs were delivered by Mixay Express Delivery Company in Phin District on Friday, according to Savannakhet police.

Authorities received an anonymous tip from a member of the public, resulting in a search of the cargo.

When they arrived at the scene, police discovered the man carrying his cargo from the courier’s office.

The 30-year-old-suspect, identified as Mr. Lamphay, a resident of Nathong Tai Village, Xonboury District of Savannakhet, was apprehended on the scene on Friday.

Mr. Lamphay admitted to police that the methamphetamine pills were delivered from Sepon District, where the owner of the drugs was living.

Police then arrested the owner of the pills, a 31-year-old man identified as Mr. Sithon, in Kengkaki Village, Sepon District on Saturday.

Police in Laos have seized over fourteen metric tons of illegal drugs over the last three months across the country.

The Lao government in May declared drug prevention and control a national agenda, calling for decisive action and the participation of multiple sectors to combat the narcotics threat.