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TRIPLE EX CRYPTO LLP creates a diamond exchange Triple Ex Marketplace

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ISTANBUL, TURKEY – EQS Newswire – 23 December 2021 – On November 21, Titanic Business Kartal, Luxury Hotel in Istanbul Turkey held a presentation of Triple Ex Token.

Young developers team (Crypto Exchange Stockpoint) together with professionals in the diamond industry created a diamond exchange Triple Ex Marketplace, where everyone can buy and sell diamonds for cryptocurrency at the investment price. To get access to the Marketplace, you need to buy a Triple Ex Token (3-Ex).

The diamond market until now has been conservative and closed to ordinary buyers. Diamonds, unlike gold, are not available as an asset, people massively overpay when buying diamonds from jewellery stores. These problems led to the solution – to create a marketplace with equal opportunities for both the amateur and the professional. To get to the Triple Ex Marketplace, you need to buy a Triple Ex Token. Triple Ex Token is issued in an amount of 600 000 tokens, all of which, without exception, will be in free circulation.

The creators presented a prototype of the marketplace, launch is scheduled for May 2022.

“The technology is uncomplicated. If you use a utility token on the Triple Ex marketplace, it’s no longer traded on the exchange. And if many people are on the marketplace, that means there will be correspondingly fewer tokens on the exchange, a shortage. That’s supply and demand. That’s how we manage to keep the price up. That’s why these tokens have real value.” – one of the creators of the project says.

The location of the presentation also matters. During the pandemic, Turkey remains one of the few places where people from all over the world can enter freely without restrictions. Moreover, Turkey is also known as one of the largest suppliers of jewelry and diamonds.


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