Two Earthquakes Strike Phongsaly Province Causing Minor Damage

House damaged by earthquake in Yord Ou District, Phongsaly Province.
House damaged by earthquake in Yord Ou District, Phongsaly Province.

Phongsaly Province has been hit with two earthquakes causing damage to homes in Yord Ou District.

According to the Lao National Earthquake Data Center, the province recorded two earthquakes, with the first measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale at 8:43 pm yesterday evening, occurring at a depth of approximately 10 kilometers.

A second, smaller quake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale occurred at 9:21 pm following the first incident.

Tremors were felt across provinces in Northern Laos, while reports in Phongsaly Province continue to come in.

earthquake in Phongsaly
Two earthquakes struck Phongsaly Province in northern Laos.

Residents of Yord Ou District have reported mostly minor damage so far, with no injuries or casualties recorded.

Authorities have yet to fully assess the situation.

The earthquakes come after two strong earthquakes were recorded in Xayaboury Province earlier this week, occurring in remote areas with no damage to homes or infrastructure reported.

Laos opened its Earthquake Monitoring Data Center in 2019 to improve the country’s ability to withstand earthquake disasters, promote the development of earthquake science and technology in Laos, and protect the lives and property of Lao people.