Oudomxay to Increase Electric Bus Fleet to Serve Tourists in Xay District

Electric Bus Oudomxay
Electric Bus Oudomxay

A company providing electric bus services plans to increase its fleet in Oudomxay to provide affordable transportation to tourists and visitors in Xay District.

According to Electric Bus Oudomxay, more people have expressed an interest in visiting Oudomxay, particularly in Xay District, with the company increasing its fleet to meet demand.

Director of Electric Bus Oudomxai Company, Mr. Daovieng Kitadavanh, said in an interview with Vientiane Times that the company now has five electric vehicles serving passengers in Xay District.

“We have just launched an electric bus route between Muang Xay Station along the Laos-China Railway to Xay Municipality,” said Mr. Daovieng.

The fare ranges from LAK 5,000 to LAK 10,000 per passenger depending on the distance.

Passengers aboard an electric bus in Oudomxay Province.
Passengers aboard an electric bus in Oudomxay Province.

Due to a rise in the number of people traveling to Oudomxay Province after the opening of the Laos-China Railway, the firm plans to purchase ten additional electric buses, bringing the total number of electric buses to 15.

“Oudomxay was the first province to allow private enterprises to serve passengers on electric buses, which is a novel mode of transportation that is both environmentally friendly and helps to boost tourism in the province,” Mr. Daovieng added.

Electric Bus Oudomxay has been in operation since late 2017.