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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Health Authorities in Laos Ease Requirements for Newly Discharged Covid Patients

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Health authorities have eased requirements for Covid-19 patients after being discharged from hospital, allowing them to resume their lives without further testing or isolation.

According to a notice issued yesterday by the Department of Health Care and Rehabilitation, under the Ministry of Health, Covid-19 patients in Laos can now be discharged from hospitals after receiving treatment without further testing for the virus.

The notice states that asymptomatic patients can be discharged from hospitals ten days after a positive test result without any further testing requirements.

The release of Covid-19 patients from hospitals is now to be dependent on symptoms rather than test results, particularly in the case of asymptomatic patients.

Patients with mild symptoms will be able to leave medical facilities after at least 13 days provided they do not have a fever or any respiratory issues.

Authorities say patients will now be permitted to resume their usual social and work activity after leaving hospital, doing away with further quarantine or isolation requirements.

The new measures are part of a move by the health sector toward the “new normal” way of life, according to the notice.

Patients who have health concerns following their discharge from hospital may seek the advice of a medical professional in their locality or contact a telehealth hotline.

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