Foodpanda Reveals Pau-Pau as a Brand Ambassador


foodpanda reveals Pau-Pau as a brand ambassador who is friendly, easygoing, and ready to shake the food and beverage delivery industry.

On January 5th, 2022, foodpanda Laos introduced a fresh face for the brand – Pau Pau, joining the celebration of foodpanda’s 10th anniversary as the pioneering food and grocery delivery platform in Asia. A fun-loving and free-spirited panda that is the first of its kind brand ambassador, championing empowerment and sustainability across the region, bringing a fresh and vibrant user experience to the platform.

foodpanda has launched “panda paradise” as a grand campaign to welcome 2022 by having Pau Pau travel all over the country, spreading the panda love to customers and to become one of Laos number one food and beverage delivery brands that is convenient, trusted, and enjoyed by customers nationwide.

The introduction of “Pau-Pau”, our latest Brand Ambassador, is to shake the food and beverage delivery industry in Laos and the Asia-Pacific region. “Pau-Pau” is a happy panda with a loving, bright, and friendly personality, who loves food and is an expert in choosing and recommending the best local dishes to his best friends.

3 fun facts about Pau-Pau
He’s (Likeable) and wants to be friends with everyone, Pau-Pau wants everyone to enjoy and have fun with their own way of living.
He’s (Easy going), comfortable with any lifestyle, and an environment lover.
He’s (Witty & Mischievous) his pocket is filled with his coolness and ready to entertain everyone.

Although Pau-Pau speaks “Pandanese” as his main language, he is able to say some of his favorite words such as Pizzaaaa…, Pastaaaa…, Bubble teaaa…, and Shampoooo….

Everyone can also follow Pau-Pau’s movement on foodpanda application and on their social media platforms. Pau Pau fans can enjoy his stickers on the LINE app and virtually engage with the Pau Pau AR filter on Instagram. Lastly, enjoy Pau Pau’s cute series that gives us a glimpse of the panda’s paradise, and follow for upcoming episodes on foodpanda Lao.