Oudomxay Residents Affected by Laos-China Railway Receive Compensation

Laos-China Railway compensation

Some 72 percent of residents in Oudomxay Province affected by the Laos-China Railway have received full compensation.

Acting Head of the Oudomxay Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Khamsouk Srithilat, says that authorities in Oudomxay have compensated those who have been affected by the railway project, Lao Youth Radio reports.

The Laos-China Railway runs through three districts in Oudomxay Province, namely Xay, Nga, and Namor, linking the border with China at Boten.

Residents in these three districts of Oudomxay make up 1,164 households across 38 villages.

72.4 percent of households have now received full compensation totaling LAK 183.43 billion, says Mr. Khamsouk.

“581 families in 38 villages in Oudomxay where the Laos-China Railway has been constructed have yet to receive compensation, totaling LAK 69.6 billion. Authorities are working hard to achieve this as soon as possible,” he said.

“The majority of residents who have been impacted by the Laos-China Railway project are content with the compensation they have received, but others have continued to refuse to participate and are unsatisfied, despite the government’s efforts to rectify the situation,” Mr. Khamsouk added.

The Laos-China Railway was officially launched in early December last year, with the government pledging to continue compensating residents who have been affected.

Trillions of kip in compensation is being paid to residents affected by the project across the country.

More than LAK 800 billion for compensation payments has been sourced from the state budget, while over LAK 679 billion will be from the budget of the Laos-China Railway Company.