Landfill Fire Covers Laos Capital in Toxic Smoke

Landfill fire fills Vientiane with toxic smoke
Aerial photo of the landfill fire in Vientiane Capital (Photo: Sith @Lao Airsports Club).

A fire that broke out at the Vientiane Capital landfill site on Saturday has released toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

Authorities have yet to make a statement regarding the fire, which is believed to have begun Saturday morning.

Smoke covered the skies in and around Xaythany District over the weekend, with residents complaining of the stench.

Many residents reported respiratory problems and sore eyes as a result of the haze.

Vientiane Capital has recorded an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 152, which lies within the unhealthy range, according to reports.

Repeat of 2018 Garbage Fire Incident

Landfill Fire Almost Out
The landfill in Xaythany District last caught fire in 2018.

The landfill site at KM 32 in Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital, is filled with a range of flammable materials that make fires at the site are difficult to control.

The landfill last caught fire in March 2018 in a similar incident when a cloud of smog covered the city.

It took several days for firefighters to fully douse the blaze, with authorities calling on residents living in the area to wear face masks as protection against toxic fumes caused by the fire.

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