Over 1 Million Passengers Ride Laos-China Railway

Laos-China Railway

Over 1 million passengers have traveled on the Laos-China Railway since its opening in December 2021, according to transport authorities in China’s Yunnan Province.

KPL reports that the Laos-China Railway has transported over 1 million passengers and 500,000 tonnes of cargo since its official opening.

Over 100,000 tons of cross-border goods were transported between Laos and Thailand according to the China Railway Kunming Group.

The Laos-China Railway is the first railway jointly constructed and operated by Laos and China, connecting Kunming in Yunnan Provine with the Lao capital of Vientiane.

A Chinese train along the Laos-China Railway
A Chinese train along the Laos-China Railway.

“More and more types of cargo are being transported along the railway, from feed and fertilizer products to communications equipment, solar panels and systems, automobiles and parts, and textiles. A large volume of fruit, rice, beer, and other food items are also being delivered via rail,” said Xu Jiefeng, a representative of the railway company.

Vientiane Times reports that businesses in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar are now making use of the Laos-China Railway to transport goods to and from China.

Vice President of the Lao National Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Daovone Phachanthavong, told the media that goods are being shipped between ASEAN nations and China, and beyond.

“Businesses in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar are increasingly engaged in trade with China using the railway,” said Mr. Daovone.

“I think Laos’ economy will improve this year now that the Laos-China Railway is in use,” he added.

He believes that when China’s travel restrictions are lifted, many Chinese people will visit Laos and other ASEAN countries using the railway, which will benefit the tourism sector.

Nateuy Station
Nateuy Station is to open to passengers on 6 February (Photo: KPL)

The railway has also begun to open more passenger stations locally, announcing recently that it would open Nateuy Station in Luang Namtha Province for passenger services commencing 6 February.