Teledyne e2v and Leo Cancer Care Partner to Achieve an Innovative Minimal Platform Footprint


SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM – Media OutReach – 16 February 2022 – Leo Cancer Care is driving a paradigm shift in the radiation therapy market, developing solutions where the patient is in the upright orientation, removing the need for large and expensive gantries and instead utilising a fixed radiation beam and rotating the patient.

Leo Cancer Care is focused on delivering a family of products designed for the economics of the future, meeting customers’ clinical and financial needs. Ruby™ is a smaller, more streamlined Photon Therapy Solution which will reduce setup times and therefore save institutions money by increasing patient throughput. Ruby™ can come self-shielded meaning no need for expensive bunkers. Leo Cancer Care has a vision to make Ruby™ mobile, in the not-too-distant future, taking radiation therapy to places it has never been before.


In addition to the operational and financial benefits of this technology, the Leo Cancer Care solutions have been developed on the back of research from across the globe, demonstrating the clinical benefits of upright patient positioning through reduced organ motion. Combined with a real focus on patient experience, helping patients to feel more comfortable and in control of their radiation therapy treatment journey.

Teledyne e2v has been working with Leo Cancer Care to enable them to achieve their innovative minimal platform footprint.  This has been done by designing a compact RF sub-system, which will include a new solid-state modulator to drive one of its range of magnetrons and the integration of other RF accessories. 


Continuing to build on its position as the world leader in generating RF power for radiation therapy, Teledyne e2v will be providing its very latest technology to support this exciting development, based on over 70 years of experience. 

“With Ruby™ being smaller and more compact than conventional technology, have really driven to reduce the size of all of our components. Teledyne E2V is supporting us to do this and we are moving at pace to bring Ruby™ to the market. Together we have the innovative technology, trusted products and combined experience in the Radiation Oncology field to change how photon radiation therapy is delivered and how a patient experiences it”.  Stephen Towe, CEO Leo Cancer Care.

Leo Cancer Care:

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