LOCA Stays The Number One Taxi Service In Laos

LOCA Stays as The Number One Taxi Service In Laos
LOCA Stays as The Number One Taxi Service In Laos

The tourism business is an integral part of the indispensable economic system in Laos and has led to the emergence of public transport systems that provide a variety of services to accommodate tourists such as buses, double-decker buses, tuk-tuks, or even taxis.

However, there are still many problems found in the transportation system, such as the problem of non-transparent and standard service charges, the difficulty of car calling, and service safety.

Loca was established in 2018 to solve these problems and has set many standards in the taxi service for customers to use it confidently, such as:

  • Solve the problem of fare calculated service charge according to the actual distance.
  • Good service and customers can give feedback to improve the service.
  • Solve the problem of car calling with the LOCA Application on a mobile phone.
  • Driver background checking, completed driving license, and driver alcohol testing for safety.
  • Returning a customer’s lost belonging in the car hundreds of times a year.
  • Covered insurance up to 500 million kips.
  • Quick car calling within 6 minutes and the car always ready for 24 hours, no matter what time of the day or night, you can feel safe at any time.
  • LOCA is now available in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Savannakhet, VangVieng and it is expanding its services throughout the country.
  • The Loca Application can be downloaded from App Store, Play Store, and AppGallery.

These standards have made LOCA receive much positive feedback from foreign tourists, including Lao people in 4 years of operation. LOCA has also been recognized by international stages and has been selected by FORBES magazine as 1 in 100 businesses to keep an eye on in Asia. These recognitions have made LOCA the number one mobile application taxi service in Laos with more than 600 cars and 60,000 users; becoming the most reliable taxi service.

The success of LOCA has expanded to a variety of services such as motorcycle riders, express deliveries, grocery deliveries, insurance purchases through the app, and many more. Technology is constantly evolving, just as LOCA is constantly evolving, with new technology being created and introduced to society, LOCA aims to be an important driving force in leading society to move forward and to make a better life for everyone, as well as to create a digital economy in Laos to be ready to compete on an international stage.