Open Source Trends for 2022: A Look into the Future of Southeast Asia


‘The State of Open Source Survey’ conducted by Ashnik highlights key insights and technology trends of 2022 in Southeast & South Asia.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17 March 2022 – ASHNIK, a leading open source solutions provider in Southeast Asia and India, recently released its survey with participation of over 160 cross-industry organizations from the region. The survey captures the growing role of open source, key digital transformation initiatives and technology trends of 2022.

“In the post-pandemic world, enterprises continue to keep up with the digitalization of their infrastructure, processes, people, and customer experiences. IT leaders thus prefer to choose a future-driven approach when it comes to achieving faster innovation and go-to-market. Open source has been a big enabler in the areas of infrastructure automation, cloud, real-time analytics, security and more, making its adoption a key focus for top global organizations. The survey is the voice of several enterprises reflecting the growth of open source, top initiatives driven by it, the rising market share for its services and support, and more – giving a multidimensional understanding of organizational goals.” adds Deepti Dilip, Director – Marketing and Strategy at Ashnik.

The survey indicates that about 82% of organizations today rely on open source to ‘drive innovation’ within the organization; 100% voted ‘ease of adoption’ as the best feature of open-source. Over 95% of respondents cited that open source offers ‘higher security’ over proprietary software.

71% participants preferred to consume open source technologies in the Cloud through a SaaS model, while 53% picked a Hybrid Cloud solution (Public Cloud + Data Centre) as their preferred deployment platform. 74% of participants indicated the adoption of Open Source Databases is set to increase in 2022, with over 59% indicating an increased usage of Community Open Source Databases specifically.

57% of respondents said that the lack of internal open source skill-sets and manpower was a key challenge in their organizations. While 97% desired to have access to service providers and consultants for the success of their projects using open source.

The top open source database technologies to see an increased adoption were PostgreSQL and MongoDB, followed by Redis and Elasticsearch; and the top Kubernetes platforms of 2022 were AWS EKS and AKS.

For more insights on open source trends of 2022, full report here

About the Survey:

The Open Source Survey by Ashnik involved active participation from 160 unique enterprises across Southeast and South Asia. Industries such as BFSI, Government, Telcos, Technology, Power, and Engineering participated to share their views on the trends driving open source adoption. The survey was undertaken by C-level Executives (13%), Senior Managerial roles (57%) and Influencer roles (30%).

About Ashnik:

is a Singapore-headquartered leading open source solutions provider with a presence across Southeast Asia, the US, and India. Since its inception in 2009, Ashnik has delivered open-source technology implementations, and support to over 200 top enterprises in the region; helping them get innovative, agile, and future-ready.


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