Covid Measures Tightened in Parts of Laos as Omicron Spreads

A police checkpoint in Vilabouly district
A police checkpoint in Vilabouly district, Savannaket province.

Schools have been closed and restaurants shuttered in some provinces across Laos as the Omicron outbreak worsens.

Xayaboury’s Thongmixay District has issued a notice ordering the closure of schools across the district from 21 to 25 March.

Lao New Year celebrations have also been suspended in the district, while sporting competitions have been canceled.

In Savannakhet, authorities in Vilabouly District have ordered the closure of all pubs, bars, and entertainment venues, while weddings and funerals may not be held with more than 30 participants.

A mask mandate has also been instituted in the district, with those who fail to comply facing fines of LAK 10,000 per offense. 

Meanwhile, ministries and government offices in Vientiane Capital have begun issuing instructions for their employees to begin rotating shifts working from home

Laos today recorded 2,328 cases of Covid-19, the country’s highest number of daily Covid since the pandemic began.