Government of Laos Opens Bidding for Electric Vehicle Purchase

Electric vehicle

The government of Laos has opened a bidding process to purchase over a hundred electric vehicles for Party and government leaders.

A ceremony for the opening of the bid took place in Vientiane Capital last week, KPL reports.

The government hopes to purchase a fleet of 183 electric vehicles, including 23 electric vehicles with 121KW-163KW motor power, and a further 160 electric vehicles with 100KW-160KW motor power.

Reports state that vehicles must be 100 percent rechargeable electric sedans with a lithium-ion battery, full safety standards, and a manufacturer test certificate that has completed the UNCECR100F, R136 testing procedures.

The vehicles must be more than 4,885 mm long and 1,840 mm wide, with GPS navigation and automatic gearbox, and must be able to be maintained with after-sales service.

In addition, the successful company must supply a Type 2 DC CCS2 rapid charging station.

Any company that wins the bid but fails to execute a contract on time constitutes an unconditional waiver, and the state forfeits the two percent bid envelope.

The government of Laos has been discussing the purchase of electric vehicles for senior officials since October 2021, with the aim of replacing gasoline cars with electric cars following cost-cutting measures as the party seeks to implement its austerity policy.