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Breaking the NFT mold – Liquidity launches LQT IDO Launchpad update

This Week

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 29 April 2022 – Recently, Liquidifty market updated LQT Launchpad. Users will be able to participate in IDO, INO and airdrop of the most anticipated GameFi, DeFi and NFT projects!

Liquidifty platform is one of the best BNB NFT marketplace and a Launchpad with a focus on utility in projects and collectibles, offering a wide range of events and investment tools in crypto like INO, IDO, airdrops, and others.

The interface of the platform is very friendly and simple – anyone can easily trade NFTs, create NFTs or its own NFT-store in a few minutes.

The highest-ranking NFT collections on the platform: GameFi projects like Drunk Robots, and Cyber City, as well as the gaming guild Skill Guilds and the NFT launchpad Equinox.

Cross-chain Opportunities

Liquidifty allows you to sell or/and buy NFTs from the BNB chain and Polygon, very soon Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom and others will be implemented. We are also developing cross-chain oracles that will analyze prices for NFTs on different blockchains and estimate the price of each NFT held by the users.

Individual artists can also easily create NFT collections and list them on Liquidifty. All assets are traded in BNB, Liquidifty (LQT), Metal and Polygon so far.

NFT Marketplace

With Liquidifty you can create an NFT-store for your project and make it custom by changing the appearance, description and attached links to your sources – the page is completely yours. Liquidifty specialists will support you during all the stages: from the launch to the analytics of the sales and more.

You can mint anything in one minute: 1/1 or multi-edition, song, movie, whatever you want with flexible royalties and changeable prices.

Liquidifty provides additional marketing support and sales mechanics like Mystery boxes, gleam campaigns, ama sessions and whitelists.


LQT Launchpad is a place where users can earn money by participating in IDOs, INOs, and Airdrops from the most anticipated GameFi, DeFi, and NFT projects. Users can also participate in weekly cash prizes and get tickets for Private sales.

To become a LQT Launchpad member, you need to buy NFT on the Liquidifty marketplace and hold it until you want to get special bonuses. There are Gas, Liquid, and Solid NFT-cards, which refer to three statuses for LQT Launchpad membership.

LQT Launchpad members can buy, sell, and trade these NFTs on the open market as they see fit.

Marketing Activities

Liquidifty team provides not only tech but also marketing and sales support. You will be offered collaboration with games for marketing exposure, additional promotion from influencers and paid socials, activities to raise the engagement and sales for your project.


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